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The villas were designed by the French architect Laurence Dugue who spent many months in Bali to be able to capture the diversity of an ancient building tradition. Her cooperation with a Balinese architect has resulted in a delightful mix of two different cultures.

Villa Anjali-Orange has three bedrooms, Villa  Anjali-Green has two bedrooms and Villa Anjali-Purple has one bedroom. The three villas are designed in a modern style while respecting many of rules and techniques of traditional local buildings. Bamboo and local stones are used as a theme throughout the villas. The whole concept of the villas is to keep you close to nature.

You enter the villas by passing through the gate over the lotus pond and past the Aling Aling, a wall which in Balinese tradition is thought to keep out bad spirits which are believed to only travel in straight lines. A lush tropical garden with a private swimming pool welcomes you in. The garden is a key element which Balinese people believe develops a sense of peace and happiness.

You walk into a large open space living room whose design is based on Balinese tradition to promote a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Each bedroom is air-conditioned and has its own bathroom open onto a lovely patio. Some of the bathrooms also have an outside shower surrounded by plants.

Anjali Blue - 4 bedroom Anjali Orange - 3 bedroom
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Anjali Green - 2 bedroom Anjali Purple - 1 bedroom
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